garden types
garden types

It is popular to design a garden in a certain style, this could include taking a theme or an idea and creating an entire concept from this starting point, we will advise you on the best materials and plants to pick to match your desired style as well as fit in with your surroundings and make your garden the perfect retreat. Some of the styles include...

japanese zen garden

A very popular idea as it embraces space and tranquility, we would create a very open plan garden with key features such as slate, lotus flowers and gravel features as well as recommending a very contemporary water feature.

scented garden

Fragrance in the garden can either be left to chance or actively planned. It's a key ingredient of a romantic garden. fragrance is experienced in different intensities. flowers like roses, honeysuckle, philadelphus, magnolia, rosemary, chamomile, Artemis and lavender are all ingredients.

low maintenance garden

Designed with little or no maintenance involved, we will hand pick plants and flowers that will require only a small amount of attention throughout the year.

disabilty aware garden

Easy access and specialist areas for use for people in a wheelchair, or catering for other physical disabilities from a safety and access point of view.

natural/wildlife garden

Encouraging wildlife to your garden involves specially planted shrubs and foliage as well as catering for a centrepiece such as a bird table.

courtyard garden

Formal or naturalistic, contemporary or traditional courtyard garden design is the best way to maximize the space you have available and usually would include a paving or decking area.

herb garden

Herb gardens are ideal for the more green fingered among us, plants included would be sage, mint, basil and thyme and many others, this garden would require a lot of maintenance.

vegetable plot

The satisfaction from growing your own fruit and veg is very rewarding, and we can design your garden so you'll be growing your own tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots in no time.

restricted access

Restricted access gardens are usually located to the side of a property, we design gardens to maximize the potential space and cater for all types of gardens.

water garden/ features

Water features such as secret ponds, waterfalls, streams and natural ponds can be a centrepiece to your garden or just an additional feature to bring the most out in your garden.

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